About me

Thanks for checking me out.

I’m a man in my sixth decade (i.e. between the ages of 50 and 59) and can be a bit of a pedant.  I’ve lived a bit and hope to live for quite a bit longer.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years working in various Local Authorities throughout England, though have settled for the last fifteen years in Lincolnshire.  I’m a member of the Labour Party and have stood (unsuccessfully) for public office (though I was pleased to increase the Labour Party’s share of the vote in the seat from 5% to 38%).

I have a vivid imagination and interests in current affairs, history (i.e. not so current affairs), cricket, football, beer and classical music. I have no interest in TV Soaps, One Direction, Cars, Science Fiction or anyone who might be described as a celebrity (unless they support Norwich City Football Club).

I have an inherited sense of humour from my father, which is shared with my brothers and two of my daughters.  It drives my work colleagues and long suffering wife to distraction and has been a clear impediment in my career.

All the musings on this website are my own, unless specifically attributed to somebody else, because nobody else would own up to holding them.


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