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A shared award for the Bullometer of EU Referendum News today for George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith, but with the Chancellor of the Exchequer doing most of the heavy lifting.  Mr Osborne produced a report from the Treasury showing how the United Kingdom leaving the EU would leave to lead to the loss of nearly a million jobs.  Of course, when Mr Osborne first became Chancellor of the Exchequer, one his first actions was to create the Office of Budget Responsibility, because he felt that Treasury forecasts were unduly influenced by Government ministers.  His history of providing accurate forecasts is somewhat on the flaky side.  In 2010, he announced that his public sector cuts would result in the fiscal deficit being reduced from £130 billion per annum to zero by 2015, meaning that the nation could start repaying the national debt.  Unfortunately, by 2015, the fiscal deficit was still higher than it had been in all but the last two years of the Labour Government and instead of paying off the national debt, he is the Chancellor who has borrowed the most.  As Jeremy Corbyn quipped at the weeked, it doesn’t seem to matter what the date is, you are always five years away from end of Mr Osborne’s five year plan.

Mr Duncan Smith gets his award for his response on BBC Radio 4 News to the Treasury’s report.  He said, “I don’t believe there will be a shock, I absolutely don’t and I have not seen some of the independent reports that say there’s not.” Which garbled English seems to say, I don’t believe what the reports say because I haven’t read them, or maybe that he doesn’t believe what the report says, but he hasn’t read anything to contradict it.  Well Mr Duncan Smith, I’ve never seen Africa, but I’m pretty certain that it exists, and I’ve never read anything suggesting it doesn’t.

22nd May 2016

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Penny Mordaunt MP
Penny Mordaunt MP







The inaugural Bullometer of EU Referendum News goes to Penny Mordaunt MP and a Government Defence Minister, who stated on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 this morning that there is nothing the British Government can do to prevent Turkey’s accession to the European Union.  When pressed about this by Andrew Marr, she insisted that the United Kingdom had no veto against the accession.  Except that what she said is totally incorrect.  Every member of the European Council of Ministers has the right to veto any new application.  She either lied, or she hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about.