Clerihew of the day

13th April 2016

160413 john whittingdaleJohn Whittingdale

Is a real Alpha male,

In charge of kulture and art

His bird’s a bit of a tart.

6th April 2016

160406 david cameronDavid Cameron

Schooled at Eton,

Rubbing shoulders with millionaires,

But being mealy mouthed about his tax affairs.

4th April 2016

160404 the archersThe Archers

Rural folk raising sheep in pastures,

Helen and Rob Titchener

Getting attention from the Prime Minister.

2nd April 2016

160402 dieumerci mbokaniDieumerci Mbokani

Hurt the Toon Army,

With his goal for Norwich City,

Not safe yet – more’s the pity

1st April 2016

160401 ronnie corbettRonnie Corbett

May have been small, but

Per square inch, he had more gags

Than Paul Daniels had shags

30th March 2016

160330 paul dacrePaul Dacre

EU subsidy taker,

Editor of the Daily Wail

In terms of hypocrisy – off the scale

29th March 2016

160329 remi gardeRemi Garde

Tried so hard,

But it wasn’t just Cilla

Whose career came to an unfortunate end at the Villa

28th March 2016

160328 bear gryllsBear Grylls

Man of thrills

Putting groups of male and

Female onto a jungle island.

27th March 2016

160327 tom hiddlestoneTom Hiddlestone

In Warhorse was killed by a German machine gun,

In The Night Manager he’s a British spy,

But more James Bond than Kim Philby.

26th March 2016

160326 nicky morganThe Right Honourable Nicky Morgan,

Has the swivel eyed stare of a gorgon,

If she changes all our schools to academies,

Who will teach our children about the birds and the bees?

25th March 2016

160324 zayn malikZayn Malik

Left One Directioners frantic

When this day last year he left the group

Swimming in the soup.

24th March 2016

160324 radovan karadzicRadovan Karadzic

Led the Serbs against the Bosnians of Alija Izetbegovic,

He bombed Sarajevo and slaughtered the innocents of Srebrinica as well,

May he rot in hell.

23rd March 2016

160323 paula sherriffPaula Sherriff

Fought off the EU Tampon Tariff,

It will cheaper, not paying the tax,

A budget amendment sponsored by Tampax

22nd March 2016

160322 melanie onnThe lovely Melanie Onn,

MP for Grimsby now Austin has gone,

Saw her on the telly

Giving grief to Gideon – a true yellowbelly.

21st March 2016

160321 george osborneThe Right Honourable George Osborne

Filled his budget with Daily Mail arousing tax cutting porn,

But it was all a mess,

Because of IDS.

20th March 2016

160320 richard colesThe Reverend Richard Coles

Is a saver of poor lost souls,

If he hadn’t been a Gooner

Maybe he’d have saved them sooner.