The Bullometer of EU Referendum News

The Mumbler has not updated The Clerihew of the Day for a while.  For the duration of the EU Referendum Campaign it will be superseded by the Mumbler’s Bullometer of EU Referendum News.

Following the latest post on an analysis of farmyard manure, the Bullometer™ will replace the Clerihew.  The Bullometer is a finely tuned instrument designed to measure the amount of bovine faecal matter in the claims and counter claims of politicians trying to persuade us, the gullible public, that their view of life for the United Kingdom inside or outside the EU is the only one to believe.

The Bullometer™ can be accessed by clicking here.

Penny Mordaunt MP
Penny Mordaunt MP

The first politician to be subject to the Bullometer™ is Conservative MP and Defence Minister, Penny Mordaunt for her claims on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show this morning that the only way to prevent Turks from gaining the right to work in the United Kingdom is to vote for Brexit on 23rd June.  Even when pressed by the show’s eponymous host about the British veto at the Council of Ministers, she denied that it would have any effect.  This is of course totally inaccurate.

The technical experts at The Mumbler were concerned that if the calibration of the Bullometer™ was inaccurate, such a large dosage of bovine faecal matter might cause a malfunction.  But the Bullometer™ performed strongly.



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